Security Center

Welcome to the bridgeCOMP Solutions Security Center. Here you will find tips on keeping your computer secure from hackers and malicious programs as well as live notifications of new viruses and other potential threats to your safety and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is being secure such a concern?
  2. Are there really threats online?
  3. Should I avoid shopping online completely?
  4. How safe is the Internet?
  5. What are some commonly know threats?
  6. What is phishing and what does it mean?

Common Misconceptions and Gimmicks

  1. Forward this e-mail and AOL (or Microsoft) will send you money!
  2. A relative of yours died and left you an inheritance.
  3. We would like to wire 1,000,000 to your bank account.
  4. Get Viagra or Cialis directly from the manufacturer for less!!

Tips on Preventing Identity Theft

  1. What to look for when identifying scams
  2. To secure or not secure, that is the question!
  3. The website looks authentic, but is it?
  4. Phishing filters now built in!

Staying Secure and Safe

  1. Software that helps protect you from potential threats
  2. Enable built-in filters
  3. Look at the URL you've been directed to
  4. Report fake URLs
  5. Block your children from pornographic websites
  6. Monitoring your child's Internet activity
  7. Get rid of SPAM!